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Policies & Procedures


Regular School Hours:

8:35 AM – 3:00 PM (Grades 1-5)

8:35 AM – 11:20 PM (Kindergarten AM Session)

12:20 PM – 3:00 PM (Kindergarten PM Session)

Minimum Day Schedule:

8:35 AM – 12:45 PM (Grades 1-5)

All Kindergarten Classes will attend AM Session. There is no lunch on half days.

Absence Line/Homework Requests
Please call 201-670-9232 if your child will be out of school for any reason. This number is on 24 hours a day. If you choose to request homework, please email your child’s teacher directly prior to 9:00 AM.  Any work from the teacher can be picked up in the Main Office after 3:00 PM.

Arrival to School
There is no supervision of students before 8:35 AM,  therefore students should not be on school property without an adult. Children are not permitted on the playground before school.

At 8:35 AM, instructional aides will open grade level doors and welcome our students. The doors will remain open until 8:45 AM. After 8:45 AM, students are considered late to school and must enter the building on Morningside Road for a late pass.

Dismissal From School
For safety reasons, students should go directly home after dismissal. Students are not permitted on the playground without adult supervision.

Students will be dismissed from their grade level door each day in accordance with the  "Dismissal Plan" parents sign on the first day of school.
  • Please send your child with a note if someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up your child.
  • In an emergency, you may telephone the Main Office with a change to your pick up plan.  Please do not call the office for last minute playdate arrangements.

Traffic Safety Rules
Walking to school or parking and walking to school is the best way to help  avoid traffic problems.

If you do choose to drive to school, please adhere to the following traffic rules:
  • During peak drop-off and pick up times, California and Morningside are "Stop, drop and go."
  • During peak drop-off and pick up times, California Street is ONE WAY. 
  • Please do not make a left from Bedford Road onto Morningside Road.  
  • Never get out of your car in the drop-off zone. If your child is unable to get out without assistance, park your car in a parking space and walk your child.
  • Park in designated areas only. Do not park where “No Parking” signs are posted.
  • Use the sidewalks and crosswalks, especially when you have children with you.
  • Children must exit on the curb side only!
  • Do not cut around other cars to get closer, reverse or make U-TURNS.
Kindergarten Valet
Parent volunteers help kindergartners out of the car and escort them into the gated area and into their class line. Children participating in the drop-off system must be prepared to exit the car themselves and must remain in the gated area. The drop-off zone is offered only for kindergarten students and is only for drop-off. Parents/guardians must park legally and approach the kindergarten doors in order to pick up their children.  Kindergarten valet does not operate during inclement weather/green flag days.


Inclement Weather/Green Flag Days
In the event of inclement or extremely cold weather, a green flag will be placed outside the California Street door as well as the Morningside entrance and the kindergarten entrance. When this flag is out, children may enter the school through the Morningside or California Street entrances after 8:30 AM and wait in the hall outside their classroom for the bell to ring.  For afternoon Kindergarten, children may enter the school through the Morningside Street entrance at 12:10 PM and wait in the hallway outside their classroom. No other outside classroom doors/entrances are opened on Green Flag days.

Procedure for Students Leaving School Early
Children leaving school during school hours for any reason, including to go home for lunch, must be signed out in the school office. The responsible adult should report to the main office and complete the data in the sign-out book. 

Interruption of Classes
Because of the potential for interruption of the instructional program, the office does not call students out of the class for lunches, instruments, homework, library books, etc. Teachers will send students who are missing these items down to the office at times that do not interrupt instruction. Please reinforce with your children that if they realize they are missing any of the above items, they should check with the office to see if they have been delivered. For this policy to be effective, please do not request the office staff to call your child from class or ask them to deliver any items. 

Food in the Classroom
Students in grades 1-5 will be permitted to have a snack at a time in the morning designated by the classroom teacher.  At teacher discretion, schoolwork may continue while the students are consuming their snacks.  It is important to keep snacks simple, healthy and mess-free.  Some suggestions are: raw vegetables, fruit, rice cakes and pretzels.  Specifically not permitted are peanuts (and all nut products), candy and desserts. Food should not be brought to school for general consumption.

Birthdays/Class Parties
Classroom parties are held in celebration of Halloween, December Break, Valentine's Day, and the End of the Year and are organized by the assigned classroom parents and teacher.

Student birthdays are celebrated by announcing the child's name over the loud speaker and giving the birthday child a special gift  from the Principal. Students are permitted to celebrate their birthday in class with a class snack, goodie bag or activity. Due to the prevalence of food allergies, any food item must be discussed and approved by the teacher in advance and include a list of ingredients. Food will not be served without this list. Nuts and candy are not permitted.


Children may eat lunch at home or remain at school. If your child is going home for lunch, you must come into the Main Office to sign your child out and back in when he/she returns.

Lunch is divided into 20 minutes for eating and 20 minutes for recess. Your child will be eating lunch either in  the cafeteria or outside in a designated area (grades 2 -5 only). In each location, there is a designated "peanut free" table.

Lunch and Recess Schedule:
Grade 1 and 2:  11:30 - 12:15 (Grade 1 eats first, while grade 2 plays).
Grade 3, 4, and 5:  12:15 - 1:00  (Grade 5 eats first, while grade 3 and 4 play).

Children may bring a packed lunch or preorder lunch through "Village Fresh."  If you need to drop off a lunch, please deliver it to the Main Office before 11:15 AM.  Please ensure the lunch bag is securely closed and your child’s name and class are written on the outside.  Your child will be required to come to the Main Office to pick up their lunch.  Do not take lunch to your child’s classroom, and please do not call your child’s teacher.  Lunches are not permitted to be dropped off by third party vendors.